Normal Fees                                                Children aged 0-11 and Pensioners

Brief Visit (up to 5 minutes)                                                  $60                                                                                    $50

Standard Visit (up to 15 minutes)                                        $90                                                                                    $80

Long Visit (15 to 30 minutes)                                               $170                                                                                  $150

Prolonged Visit (30 to 45 minutes)                                     $250                                                                                  $220

Visit (>45 minutes)                                                     Doctor's Discretion                                                          Doctor's Discretion           

House Calls                                                                 Doctor's Discretion                                                          Doctor's Discretion


Consultations on Saturday incur a $10 surcharge.



Cammeray Medical Practice uses Medicare Online, meaning that when you pay your fee, Medicare will place your rebate into your bank account on the same day. This saves patients the inconvenience of having to visit a Medicare office to claim their rebate.

Request for Scripts

Telephone requests for prescriptions will be accepted in exceptional circumstances only. Fees will apply for non-consultation prescriptions. No repeats will be issued with these prescriptions. Your correct name, name of medication, strength and dosing is required at the time of request. Our current prescriptions fee is $20 per script. A surcharge of $5 is applied for faxing and posting.


Our doctors are experienced at performing many surgical procedures under local anaesthetic. The professional fee for procedures will depend on the complexity of the procedure and the time taken to perform the procedure. 


Procedures that require dressings will include a dressing fee, which varies depending on the dressing required.

Transfer Of Medical Record Fee

The transfer of medical records from our practice to another practice will incur a fee of $33 per patient, which is to be paid before records are sent.

Cancellation Policy 

Due to the demand for appointments and the schedules of the doctors, we ask that all cancellations be made at least three hours prior to the appointment time. Cancellations within three hours will incur a fee equivalent to the appropriate consult fee. 


For further information on our Cancellation Policy, please click here.


Cammeray Medical Practice does not routinely bulk-bill visits to Medicare. However we do make the following exceptions:

  • Visits for childhood immunisations (Monday - Friday only)

  • Holders of DVA Gold Cards

Please note that holders of Centrelink Aged Pension Cards and DVA Gold Cards should inform our staff of this BEFORE entering for their consultations with the doctors, as it will greatly assist with administration time for our staff.